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  -Mineral Moisture

  -Vitamin C Cream

  -Pore Perfect

  -Anti Oxidant

  -Collagen Cream

  -Alpha Hydroxy

  -Lighten Skin

  -Oily Skin

  -Dry Skin Cream

  -Dark Circles

  -Perfect Restart

  -Acne Cream

  -Scar Cream



Hair Removal


Unwanted Hair:

Hair Removal

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Hair Care - Body Wraps - Skin Care Products - Firming Creams

Hair Care Products for Healthy Scalp & Roots! See The Best of "World Of Hair"!

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Black Hair - New & Best Products

Scalp Care

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African American Growth Treatments

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Hair Vitamins

5 15 Home Body Wrap Kit

Skin Firming Home Body Kit

vitamins for growth or growing out

vitamins info | order

weight loss wrap home kit



5-15 info | order

skin firming body wrap



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Re-Balance Dry Hair Kit

Color Perfection Kit Faster Growth Kit

dry hair treatments

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shampoo for colored hair

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faster growing kit

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Moroccan Hair Oil

Purify Hair & Scalp Kit Split Ends Mender

morrocan scalp oil

black hair care | order

scalp shampoo -acne dandruff itchy scalp

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split end treatment

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Omega Moisture Shampoo Omega Moisture Conditioner Boost Follicle Growth Spray
emu oil moisture shampoo emu moisture conditioner for dry follicle growth spray  
omega more | order omega more | order spray info| order  

Body Wraps - Collagen Cream - Skin Tightening Creams & Specialty Hair Shampoos

How about our newest in herbal skin care treatments including neck, eye and face creams that are High Quality and Medical Doctor Strength for puffy eyes, pore enlargement, dark circles under your eyes, saggy skin, premature wrinkles, hair removal, skin brightening and skin lightening, age spots, skin exfoliation and  we have the BEST SELLING line body wraps in the home kit formwith over 20 different seaweed & herbal body wraps and slimming body wraps as well as spa treatment masks that are designed for spa results at home. Hair vitamins are still the best sellers. We are one of the leading shopping sites online for anything to do with creating the look and body that you desire!

Do You Offer Free Shipping?
Yes, we offer free shipping on any orders over just $60! WE offer this free shipping in the USA. We also ship around the world but cannot offer the free shipping outside of the USA!

What Are Your Best Selling Hair Treatments?
We have so many different treatments that are specialty remedies for very specific problems. Currently our top sellers are the Faster Growing Hair Kit, Emu Oil Shampoo and Conditioner, Body Wraps, Vitamins For Growth, Collagen Cream, Cellulite Body Wrap and then all of the specialty shampoos such as Biotin, Dead Sea, Saw Palmetto, Vitamin, Follicle Stimulator and more!

Do You Offer Scalp Solutions?
Yes, many of our customers are at their whit's end trying to find solutions to problems such as head acne and pimples, scalp bumps, oily or greasy scalp, dry problems, and much more!

How Can We Contact You?
You can contact us by phone or by email. or 888.837.9257 EST. We are always happy to guide, help or inform you of the latest and best remedies for your specific problems.


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