Healthy Hair Starts With A Healthy Hair Root

For many people having healthy hair growth can be elusive. You are told that you need to eat more fruits and vegetable etc to get the vitamins that you need including the b vitamins. However, this may only really help a small percentage of people. For most the hair root itself is not healthy.

What causes an unhealthy hair root?
The answer is that clogged hair follicles is a major cause of shutting down the nutrition and pinching the blood supply causing our hair to look  old, coarse, dry and even to thin and fall out. By establishing the correct blood supply the nutrition will return to the hair and the vibrant and healthy hair that you want will become the norm.

Deep cleansing the hair follicle and removing the fungi and bacteria that grow inside the hair follicle will reduce the inflammation and itching. By reducing all of these at once your hair root will return to normal and optimal growth. Remember that all hair grows from the root. This means that everything that you do for healthy hair must focus on the root. By cleansing the root you will also drastically reduce itching scalp, flaking, dandruff symptoms and other related problems!

The only product that we recommend is Zincplex. You can find it on our site or search for it online! It is a best sell and is consistently voted the top healthy hair products online. They are also herbal based!

Dry Hair Is Not A Problem!

Most people deal with dry hair on almost a chronic basis. This is because the amount of moisture in the hair drops below the optimal 8 percent level. When this happens the integrity or structure of the hair can be easily compromised! This means that everyday styling such heat styling will actually damage hair when it normally should not.

If you find that your hair is easily damaged whether it be through heat styling with curling irons, flat irons or blow drying, or by the heat of the blow dryer then you really need to focus on the moisture content of the hair! The lack of moisture will actually allow the protein (amino acid) structure to be broken down much more quickly. This means that the hair is damaged, visibly and cannot be repaired from the inside out but instead has to be coated to look healthy!

The solution is to add moisture to the hair and to the hair root called the medulla. This will allow for the hair to grow out healthy and much more structured and stronger! The result is less damage, less frizz, less breakage and super healthy and shiny hair.

What Works To Remedy This Problem?

The answer is a combination of proteins that actually penetrate the hair shaft. While others are simply coating you need to make sure that you are not merely coating but instead working moisture from the inside out with natural based proteins and not just silicones. Heavy silicone shampoos and conditioners do nothing but coat the hair. They also help to BURN the hair when you put heat on it resulting in a even worse situation that you were trying to rectify!

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How You Lose Inches With Body Wraps

Many people get confused on what kind of results you can get with body wraps?

Can You Lose Inches With Body Wraps?
OH Yes! That is why sell an absolute ton of these home kits. The way that it works? The body uses fat cells to store toxins. So if your body at any point time deals with an overload of toxins – for whatever reason – it stores these in fat cells. When these are stored the cell expands up to 3 times its normal size. Literally like a balloon. So if you can detoxify that fat cell then it will shrink back down. That is part 1 or the 2 amazing parts that a wrap will do! This is why you almost always see amazing results when you use a body wrap. There is not another, more potent way to pull out toxins from the skin and fat cells.

Can You Lose Weight With Body Wraps?
The wrapping treatment itself does not cause you to lose fat but watch the chain of events and see why you almost always lose weight the days following a wrap. Once the fat cell is detoxified with the mud etc in the kit then that fat cell holds fat that is essentially cleaner.

THE RESULT is that CLEANER FAT that is not full of toxins or sludge can burn up to 5 times easier. Think about working out 1/5 of the time that you workout now to burn the same fat. That is why some people experience breath taking results in both inch loss and weight loss. The body takes over burns the fat. Do how do you lose inches with body wraps – the answer is ever single time. The mud cannot pull all the toxins each time. This is why 3 full wraps are recommended!

What Makes Your Wrap Different Than Other Home Kits?
Ours is the complete kit that is pre mixed and includes the bandages. We use real dead sea mud and other potent ingredients! We have the best selling at home body wrap kits online!

Which Should I Buy The Large Or Small Kit?
The best results come after the 3rd wrap. This is why we recommend by the larger kit. You will also be able to target very specific areas such as the hips or arms for inch loss as many times as you prefer if you buy the big wrap. The larger kit outsells the small one 5 to 1. However, if you are just wanting to try the home kit out then you may want to try the smaller one.

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Can My Sebborheic Dermatitis Cause Hair Thinning

Without A Doubt one of the most asked questions that we get is whether itchy scalp conditions can cause hair loss. It seems like many of our customers that suffer from thinning hair have that itchy, flaky head. So Is there a common denominator for the itching and thinning?

Is One Of the Symptoms Of Hair Thinning and Loss and Itchy Scalp?
The answer is that without a doubt your hair can thin due to an itchy scalp. But this is definitely a chicken or egg question. There are many things that can cause hair loss and there are many things that can cause itchy scalp but which causes which first. For example if you have dht build up in the hair follicle then you have a double whammy. Dht causes hair loss and it causes and itchy scalp. The simple answer is to flush or block as much dht as you can. This will work wonders for your scalp health.

Another very common cause of hair thinning in both men and women is from dandruff and seborrheic dermatitis. A fungus is believed to be the cause of both dandruff and seborrheic dermatitis. It is actually the same fungus. However, seborrhea is a more serious or basically a severe dandruff. This is caused when there is an even higher level of the fungus present on the scalp.

Is There A Remedy For Hair Thinning Caused By The Itching?

The Remedy for hair loss caused by an itchy scalp is to reduce the inflammation and the itchiness. This is done by reducing the fungus itself on the scalp. There are several herbal ingredients that do a very good job with along with several minerals that can work wonders. Our products for dandruff can make a huge difference in preventing the visual sign and symptoms of hair thinning in both men and women.

Will Hair Grow Back If The Itchy Scalp Is Treated?
For many people that have thinning hair when you remove the cause of the inflammation the blood flow will be restored. This means that the clamp that the inflammation had on the hair shaft and the pressure on the blood vessels is now removed. Many people will see that the hair that has thinned will thicken again. If your hair loss is due to dht then your best results come from flushing out the dht and also blocking it with dht blockers.

Scalp Acne & Scalp Bumps Don’t Have To Be A Problem

For many people scalp bumps and acne can be troublesome but the fact of the matter is that most scalp bumps and all acne on the head can be solved by using the proper scalp acne products or treatments. The remedies that most people use don’t get the job done. Most people use traditional acne products on their head and it just doesn’t work. Instead these creams and alcohol based products typcal dry out the hair and the scalp very badly yet they don’t penetrate deep enough to help head or scalp acne and pimples.

Treatments For Scalp Acne and Bumps? You Need Herbs that Remove Blockages At The Hair Follicle and Deep Inside The Follicle

Most bump products never reach deep inside the hair root. This is most typically because the hair root is clogged at the hair follicle opening. The scalp oils that are emitted by the scalp can be hardened and impossible for typical shampoos to remove, even clarifying shampoos. This means that the traditional acne creams don’t ever reach inside the hair follicle where the bacteria that causes scalp acne hides. Pimples in the scalp or that sit on the scalp both have the hair follicle as the source of sebum, scalp oils and this funnel (hair follicle) is perfect for the bacteria to hide.

Scalp Acne Remedies, Treatments That Work?

Yes, the shampoo formulated by World Of Hair is called Boost and this shampoo uses a very specific blend of herbs that removes the hardened sebum at the hair follicle opening. Then the irrigate the hair follicle opening. This removes the the harmfule bacteria that causes many of the scalp bumps, acne, pimples, zits (even tough ones) on the scalp as well as other parts of the body. It also helps to end oily scalp and oily hair that is often experienced with pimples on your scalp.

The herbal scalp products made for head acne issues smells great and is herbal based! It can be used by men and women will deep cleanse your scalp to give it a perfectly healthy restart that is acne and pimple free!

What Are The Symptoms Of Pimples Versus Other Kinds Of Bumps?

There are quite a few different kind of bump types that can show up on your head. An allergic type bump is typically small and red while a seborrheic dermatitis type bump is extremely itchy and often bleeds and oozes. The good news is that by deep cleansing the scalp and the delicate skin inside the follicles you will get results that lead to long term solutions.


How To Tighten Up Loose Skin

If you suffer from loose skin then you know that there aren’t a lot of effective options. But don’t give up hope because there are a few! How to tighten loose skin is one of the most asked questions that we get. After all both men and women suffer loose skin. Saggy or sagging skin can be caused by lack of minerals in the skin, age, lack of specific peptide chains, pregnancy, weight loss after weight gain that was either slow or fast.

How To Tighten Loose Skin

Loose skin needs several things to tighten. It needs peptides, omegas and other minerals! Our Body Firming Lotion has all of these in the cream itself. It is a deep penetrating cream that saturates all layers of the skin! The other product that we have that is amazing for even tougher loose or saggy skin problems is Skin Tightening Body Wrap. This body wrap includes rhassoul clay that has been proven to tighten skin up to 13% on the very first use. Body Wraps are notorious for tightening skin as well as effective with cellulite, detoxifying and inch loss all over the body. If you are considering options for tightening skin the check out the Body Firming Lotion as well as The Skin Tightening Body Wrap.

World Of Hair stocks all of our products – therefore you never have to wait on your order! All orders are shipped dicretely for your privacy! Contact us with any questions that you might have on any of our skin tightening, firming and anti wrinkle products!

Cream For Spider Veins THat Has Vitamin K

Vitamin K Cream For Spider Veins

When it comes to spider veins most people don’t realize that there are creams for spider veins. However, not all creams are created equally. The trick with a cream for spider veins is to make sure that there are two important things. The first is to make sure that the cream has a high level of vitamin k. Vitamin K is more than just a needed vitamin for the skin and hair. It is a vitamin that is used to clot veins.

This is important since spider veins are leaking veins. What you are actually seeing is the blood that is very slowly leaking from the veins. By topically applying vitamin k you will adding a natural clotting agent to the outside of the vein. As the vein heals the visible part of the vein will decrease.

The other part of the cream for spider veins that is so important is that the cream should be a highly penetrating cream. Most creams do not penetrate past the skin. This means that the vitamin k – the healing vitamin – clotting vitamin never actually reaches the vein. When you see cheap vitamin k cream on the market it is typically because it does not have a good penetrating agent.

Vitamin K For Spider Veins

The other thing that our spider veins cream does is help to thicken the skin. The thinner the skin the easier it is to see through. By thickening the skin just a little the ability to see the vein is diminshed. This is vital since most people that have spider veins on the nose, face, neck and even the legs have thinner skin. Try our cream for spider veins and see the difference in a matter of about 20 days. Don’t wait – plan ahead and start using our creams, lotions and other treatment products today to get the results that you are looking for in about 20 to 30 days or so!

Extreme Weather Can Cause Dandruff

There are several factors that can be a cause for dandruff. In some cases where there is a small amount of flaking involved, this scenario is normal and common. However, in severe cases of dandruff problems where there is an unusually large amount of flaking present, it could mean a more serious situation.

Sometimes, this kind of scalp disorder may be caused by yeast infection. In other cases, dandruff can be caused by exposure to extreme heat and cold. The amount of dandruff in the scalp may vary according to the weather. In winter season, it is known that there will be a large number of people suffering from dandruff problems. No matter what the cause of dandruff is, the important thing to know is how to treat it. In severe cases of dandruff, simple application of shampoo into the hair is not that effective. You should be aware of other ways to effectively remove dandruff.

Scalp problems or scalp disorders can be dandruff, itchy scalp , scalp sores, scalp redness, raised scalp sores, open scalp sores, redness and tingling of the scalp, flaking, large flakes on the scalp, overly oily scalp , really greasy scalp and similar problems

Fastest Way To Lose Weight – Body Wraps

Are you looking for the fasest way to lose weight. Or maybe you are targeting specific areas of the body and you want to lose inhces off your thighs or lose inches off your hips or arms or even get rid of that stubborn belly fat. But how do you do it? By now you have heard of body wraps? But aren’t they just for inch loss? Can they actually help you to lose weight?

Do Body Wraps Help You Lose Weight and Inches?

Body wraps work by utilizing several different complex systems that are innate to our body. First the mud used in the body wrapping material draws toxins from the fat. This is is very important. Toxic fat is very hard for the body to burn. The result is what most people call a slow metabolism but in reality the fat may be so toxic laden that the body just has a very, very difficult time burning the fat. Therefore the very first step of the body wrap is to pull toxins from the fat cells. The body’s basic defense system is to store toxins in the fat cells. This allows the toxins to stay in the body without being stored in vital organs.

Step 2 is the compression of the fat cell while the mud is pulling. This is done by using wrapping cloths on the body during an at home body wrap. This further enhances the detoxification process. The fat cells are literally squezzed almost like  a pimple being popped. This is how the inch loss occurs. YoOur body holds a certain amount of water to keep it hydrated. Bloating water inside the fat cell is different. It is not used for hydration. It is almost like dirty water to hold the toxins. This too is pulled from the body. The result is major inch loss. No matter where the body wrap is performed – on the hips, thighs, buttocks, stomach, lower belly, arms etc you will get inch loss.

The third part of the body wrap is the thermogenic response that the body has to the herbs. This has a immediate affect on the body with regards to inch loss and can keep the system burning fat for an extended period of time after the wrap hs been performed. It has a similar affect that green tea and other fat burning herbs have on the body.

Finally, the body is now clear of many of the toxin overload. This typically means that the toxin laden fat is now just fat that is much easier to burn by the body. The result is strong fat burning for many days to weeks after the body wrap has been performed. We suggest doing three body wraps withing a 3 week period for best results. So if you want to know how 2 lose weight fast. How to lose inches on the hips, thighs, tummy, upper belly, neck and even those pesky back of your arms then try the 5-15 body wrap and expect results.

Why Use Argan Oil?

Frizz Free HairArgan Oil is a top seller for a good reason.  Women all over the world are begining to discover how incredibly good this natural oil is for the hair and scalp.  Argan oil comes from Morocco.  It is often called Moroccan Oil. 

This oil is extemely effective at taming frizzy or curly hair.  It penetrates deep into hair and leaves hair soft and frizz free.  Unlike many other oil products for the hair, argan oil is not greasy.  It soaks into the hair qucikly.  It is absorbed leaving hair soft with less frizz than before.  It si good for curly or straight hair.

If you want more managable beautiful hair, then Argan Oil products are a great choice.  It works on African American hair as well.  This versatile oil can be used on wet or dry hair.  On dry hair it is a helpful styling tool. 

World of hair carries a full line of Argan Oil products including Shampoo, Conditioner and Pure Argan Oil.  The combination of all three products will leave hair looking and feeling healthy again.  We hear from customers all the time who have tried everything to tame unrully hair and are thrilled with how well Argan Oil works.