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Teenage Haircare

Teenagers often find that their hair is changing.  Just like the skin, hair often gets oilier during this time.  The sebaceous glands, which produce oil on the scalp, tend to overproduce during times of hormonal change.  When too much oil is produced the and scalp and hair will be oil or greasy.  Luckily, for most [...]

Hair Vitamins for Faster Growing Hair

Do hair vitamins really help grow hair faster?  The answer is yes.  The right vitamins can make a difference in hair growth.  Every part of our bodies, including the hair, needs the proper vitamins and minerals for optimal functioning.  Getting the right nutrients will not only help your hair grow faster they will also help [...]

Treat Damaged Hair with Argan Oil

All natural argan oil is an excellent choice for dry damaged hair.  More and more people are singing the praises of this incredible hair treatment.   It originated in Morocco, and is sometimes called Moroccan oil. This oil can be used on all types of hair with healthy benefits, but hair that is frizzy or damaged [...]

Shampoo with Jojoba Oil for Healthy Hair and Scalp

Jojoba oil is an excellent 100% natural ingredient for shampoo and scalp care.  It is extracted from the jojoba tree and is actually a wax ester rather than an oil.  It works great on the scalp and hair because it is amazingly similar to the natural oil that is created by the bodies sebum glands.  [...]