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Fighting Hyperpigmentation

More and more women are complaining about hyperpigmentation on their face.  This condition causes dark spots or patches to appear on the skin.  The dark spots are not dangerous, but they are problematic.  They occur when there is too much melanin, brown pigment, in a small concentrated area.  Age spots are a form of hyperpigmentation.  [...]

What Do You Do When You Have Scalp Odor?

 Some people have the problem of scalp odor. You may assume it is from a lack of good hygiene. In reality, people may suffer from annoying and embarrassing scalp odor even when they wash their hair regularly. Odor on the scalp is actually caused by a buildup of bacteria. Too much oil on the scalp [...]

Scalp Acne and Zinc Plex

We all know about acne on the face, but how do you deal with acne on the scalp.  This can be tricky.  It is often very itchy and is covered with hair.  Even though the conditions are similar, products used to treat facial acne are not appropriate for the sensitive scalp area.  A healthy scalp [...]

Using Coconut for Hair Care

Chemicals and more chemicals, that is what many traditional hair products contain.  They may coat hair and make it feel better for a little while, but in the long term they are drying to both hair and scalp.  Chemical ingredients also tend to burn the hair when heated styling tools are used causing more damage.  [...]

Steps to Healthy Hair

Know your hair type.  If your hair is oily you will need to use different products than if your hair is dry.  Many of us have damaged hair.  This can be caused by chemical treatments and ingredients in hair products.  Heated styling tools also cause damage when they are used too often.    Use natural products [...]

How Often Should You Shampoo?

It is a common question.  How often should I wash my hair.  The answer of course is not the same for every person.  The type of hair you have and the amount of activity you do make a big difference.  People with oily hair often tend to wash the hair too much.  They may be [...]