Are You Susceptible to Oily Skin?


skin oilyUnfortunately oil skin is an issue for many people. It is often a chronic ongoing condition and leads to all sorts of problems including acne, black heads, and pimples. The real culprit is an overactive sebum gland. The sebum gland creates oil on the skin. The skin needs a certain amount of oil, but when the sebum gland creates too much oil the results are bad. Some causes are heredity, diet, cosmetic products and hormones.

Oily skin can affect people of all ages, but teenagers due tend to experience the problem more often. This is because of the many hormonal changes going on during the teen years. This is why teens are so prone to breakouts and acne. The extra oil on the face causes bacteria to accumulate which leads to inflammation, irritation and acne breakouts.

Adults with oily skin usually have more problems in the t-zone, nose chin, and forehead area. Hormones, especially in women, may still be the underlying cause of extra oil. Women often experiences oily skin during pregnancy or when taking birth control pills. The problem may also be due to stress or heredity. Some people suffer from oily skin throughout their lives.

If you have oily skin, using the right skin care products can make all the difference. Avoid harsh chemical ingredients which are irritating and may take away too much oil. Use products that gently cleanse and help create a balance on the skin. Zinc pca is a natural ingredient that is a huge help for people with oily skin.

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