Scalp Products

Healthy Hair Starts With A Healthy Hair Root

For many people having healthy hair growth can be elusive. You are told that you need to eat more fruits and vegetable etc to get the vitamins that you need including the b vitamins. However, this may only really help a small percentage of people. For most the hair root itself is not healthy. What [...]

Extreme Weather Can Cause Dandruff

There are several factors that can be a cause for dandruff. In some cases where there is a small amount of flaking involved, this scenario is normal and common. However, in severe cases of dandruff problems where there is an unusually large amount of flaking present, it could mean a more serious situation. Sometimes, this [...]

Scalp Conditions: Dandruff Dermatitis Itchy Scalp and More

Common Scalp Conditions Many people suffer from itchy scalp conditions.  While most of them are not extremely serious, they are non-the-less annoying and uncomfortable.  Some conditions tend to be really itchy and flaking can tend to be embarrassing for some people.  Some of the most common conditions are scalp dandruff, seborrheic dermatitis, psoriasis, and seborrhea.      [...]

What To Look For In A Scalp Shampoo

Scalp Shampoos Most people think only about hair when choosing a shampoo.  But healthy hair actually starts with a healthy scalp.  A healthy scalp creates a good foundation for beautiful hair.  The scalp is often overlooked until a problem occurs.  When a scalp condition like dandruff, seborrhea, contact dermatitis, or seborrheic dermatitis takes hold of [...]