Dry Hair Is Not A Problem!

Most people deal with dry hair on almost a chronic basis. This is because the amount of moisture in the hair drops below the optimal 8 percent level. When this happens the integrity or structure of the hair can be easily compromised! This means that everyday styling such heat styling will actually damage hair when it normally should not.

If you find that your hair is easily damaged whether it be through heat styling with curling irons, flat irons or blow drying, or by the heat of the blow dryer then you really need to focus on the moisture content of the hair! The lack of moisture will actually allow the protein (amino acid) structure to be broken down much more quickly. This means that the hair is damaged, visibly and cannot be repaired from the inside out but instead has to be coated to look healthy!

The solution is to add moisture to the hair and to the hair root called the medulla. This will allow for the hair to grow out healthy and much more structured and stronger! The result is less damage, less frizz, less breakage and super healthy and shiny hair.

What Works To Remedy This Problem?

The answer is a combination of proteins that actually penetrate the hair shaft. While others are simply coating you need to make sure that you are not merely coating but instead working moisture from the inside out with natural based proteins and not just silicones. Heavy silicone shampoos and conditioners do nothing but coat the hair. They also help to BURN the hair when you put heat on it resulting in a even worse situation that you were trying to rectify!

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