Extreme Weather Can Cause Dandruff

There are several factors that can be a cause for dandruff. In some cases where there is a small amount of flaking involved, this scenario is normal and common. However, in severe cases of dandruff problems where there is an unusually large amount of flaking present, it could mean a more serious situation.

Sometimes, this kind of scalp disorder may be caused by yeast infection. In other cases, dandruff can be caused by exposure to extreme heat and cold. The amount of dandruff in the scalp may vary according to the weather. In winter season, it is known that there will be a large number of people suffering from dandruff problems. No matter what the cause of dandruff is, the important thing to know is how to treat it. In severe cases of dandruff, simple application of shampoo into the hair is not that effective. You should be aware of other ways to effectively remove dandruff.

Scalp problems or scalp disorders can be dandruff, itchy scalp , scalp sores, scalp redness, raised scalp sores, open scalp sores, redness and tingling of the scalp, flaking, large flakes on the scalp, overly oily scalp , really greasy scalp and similar problems

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