Fastest Way To Lose Weight – Body Wraps

Are you looking for the fasest way to lose weight. Or maybe you are targeting specific areas of the body and you want to lose inhces off your thighs or lose inches off your hips or arms or even get rid of that stubborn belly fat. But how do you do it? By now you have heard of body wraps? But aren’t they just for inch loss? Can they actually help you to lose weight?

Do Body Wraps Help You Lose Weight and Inches?

Body wraps work by utilizing several different complex systems that are innate to our body. First the mud used in the body wrapping material draws toxins from the fat. This is is very important. Toxic fat is very hard for the body to burn. The result is what most people call a slow metabolism but in reality the fat may be so toxic laden that the body just has a very, very difficult time burning the fat. Therefore the very first step of the body wrap is to pull toxins from the fat cells. The body’s basic defense system is to store toxins in the fat cells. This allows the toxins to stay in the body without being stored in vital organs.

Step 2 is the compression of the fat cell while the mud is pulling. This is done by using wrapping cloths on the body during an at home body wrap. This further enhances the detoxification process. The fat cells are literally squezzed almost likeĀ  a pimple being popped. This is how the inch loss occurs. YoOur body holds a certain amount of water to keep it hydrated. Bloating water inside the fat cell is different. It is not used for hydration. It is almost like dirty water to hold the toxins. This too is pulled from the body. The result is major inch loss. No matter where the body wrap is performed – on the hips, thighs, buttocks, stomach, lower belly, arms etc you will get inch loss.

The third part of the body wrap is the thermogenic response that the body has to the herbs. This has a immediate affect on the body with regards to inch loss and can keep the system burning fat for an extended period of time after the wrap hs been performed. It has a similar affect that green tea and other fat burning herbs have on the body.

Finally, the body is now clear of many of the toxin overload. This typically means that the toxin laden fat is now just fat that is much easier to burn by the body. The result is strong fat burning for many days to weeks after the body wrap has been performed. We suggest doing three body wraps withing a 3 week period for best results. So if you want to know how 2 lose weight fast. How to lose inches on the hips, thighs, tummy, upper belly, neck and even those pesky back of your arms then try the 5-15 body wrap and expect results.

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