Healthy Hair Starts With A Healthy Hair Root

For many people having healthy hair growth can be elusive. You are told that you need to eat more fruits and vegetable etc to get the vitamins that you need including the b vitamins. However, this may only really help a small percentage of people. For most the hair root itself is not healthy.

What causes an unhealthy hair root?
The answer is that clogged hair follicles is a major cause of shutting down the nutrition and pinching the blood supply causing our hair to look  old, coarse, dry and even to thin and fall out. By establishing the correct blood supply the nutrition will return to the hair and the vibrant and healthy hair that you want will become the norm.

Deep cleansing the hair follicle and removing the fungi and bacteria that grow inside the hair follicle will reduce the inflammation and itching. By reducing all of these at once your hair root will return to normal and optimal growth. Remember that all hair grows from the root. This means that everything that you do for healthy hair must focus on the root. By cleansing the root you will also drastically reduce itching scalp, flaking, dandruff symptoms and other related problems!

The only product that we recommend is Zincplex. You can find it on our site or search for it online! It is a best sell and is consistently voted the top healthy hair products online. They are also herbal based!

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